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Birth chart Reading

Relationship Synastry 

If you are interested in deepening your personal connections, both intimate ones and friendships, astrology offers a unique and highly insightful prospective on the inner dynamics between people. It shows personality alignments, resonance, attraction channels, areas of harmony, nature of differences. It reveals past soul agreements, soul work to rise up to, lessons to pass on.

Whether in relationship or not, everyone would benefit from an astrological prospective on the relationship profile encoded in natal chart. It reveals:

  • Your emotional and sexual needs in partnership

  • Type of partner resonating with your personality

  • Forms of partnerships mostly aligned to your nature

  • Lessons about relationships and relating you are learning in this lifetime

  • Areas of self-work to be done to attract and maintain healthy relationships

For couples on the crossroads or seeking to deepen their connection, the synastry analysis will help you to:

  • Have a cosmic prospective on your partner and your soul connection

  • Understand the inherent energies involved in the relationship

  • See the sources of repeating patterns and trigger points

  • Deepen intimacy and trust

  • Develop greater acceptance and understanding of each other's nature

  • Open channels for better communication and resonance

Relationship Synastry

An examination of compatibility, relationship dynamics and karmic connections in your life.

60 min /   $250

Whether through love attraction, friendships or creative alliances, people coming into our lives often carry a mission to further our growth and support our evolution, even through challenging and difficult dynamics. They serve as mirrors to our soul, reflecting back the nature of our relationship with ourselves, exposing our deepest intimate layers, showing our true values, drawing the beauty of our hearts.

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