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Astrology studies



If you are interested in finetuning your existing astrological knowledge, take your skills to the next level or work on specific areas of your practice, I offer personal (one-on-one) and class trainings in a flexible, accessible format. 

My intention with mentorship:

**** Creating a presonalized, custom-tailored approach that resonates with student's individual style of learning and integration + level and complexity of knowledge, speed and frequency of studies.

**** Working directly with the charts: experential, hands-on studies with theory woven into direct chart experience. 

**** Filling in the gaps in astrology knowledge, fine-tuning existing skills, deepening the existing concepts.

**** Emphasizing psycho-spiritual approach in interpretation -- an ability to translate astrological codings into a psychological, perceptive, emotional and spiritual life experience .


--- one 90min lesson with the topic/questions of student's choice:  200 USD  

---  a pack of 5 lessons 90min/each, distributed over a chosen period of time:

700 USD (140 USD each).


Other creative options are available upon request .


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