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Cycles & transits
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Cycles & Transits 

The Transit Readings Will Help You To:

  • Understand the nature and the purpose of the experience

  • Optimize the available energy for enhanced growth

  • Deepen the transformative effect

  • Respond to the change with greater consciousness and wisdom

  • Embrace the transformational process with greater commitment and grace

Once you are equipped with the knowledge, you can start working with cosmic energy by making conscious decisions. It empowers your path, putting you in charge of your choices and ultimately - of your destiny.

Natal Chart with Transits

A natal chart analysis with the overview of cycles and transits.

Cosmic Forecast

An analysis of current and upcoming transits, for returning clients only.

90 min  /   $250

60 min  /   $180


Astrology provides unparalleled access to understanding the nature of life's transitions, equipping you with conscious tools to navigate the tides.

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