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I am honored to be in service of Life through the timeless, infinite wisdom of cosmic guidance.

Birth chart Reading

Natal Blueprint 

Mapping Out Your Soul's Choices

Evolutionary astrology places specific focus on the karmic nodal axis and the evolutionary path your soul has chosen in a given lifetime. Your chart reflects the intention you have made on the soul level to incarnate in a particular moment in time and space for the necessary experiences and growth to occur.


My astrological counseling is offering support and guidance along that evolutionary journey. Through the sessions, you will gain prospective on your soul's karmic patterns, lessons to master and potential to tap into.Your natal chart will serve as a navigation map, revealing your unique perceptions and illuminating the inherent growth possibilities.

Access Your Soul's Intent ~ Turn Evolutionary Pages ~ Liberate The Potential

My intention is to bring your consciousness to the key themes of this incarnation and empower you with greater self-awareness, trust and confidence. The readings focus on emotional, physical, spiritual healing and growth through:

  • Accessing deep patterns and wounds, understanding their impact on choices in this lifetime and the current reality

  • Identifying the emotional and creative blockages that prevent you from unfolding into your fuller potential; learning the ways to release them

  • Healing the emotional body through tapping into your karmic lineage, releasing outdated behavior patterns, transforming your relationship with yourself and your environment

  • Ultimately, accessing your unique purpose and aligning to your true authentic self​

I invite you to the journey of deep soul-searching and fearless self-inquiry – a path to inner freedom and spiritual alignment. 

Natal Chart Analysis

An in-depth look at your natal blueprint, soul intentions and evolutionary journey.

60 - 90 min  /   $200

Cycles & transits

Cycles & Transits 

The Transit Readings Will Help You To:

  • Understand the nature and the purpose of the experience

  • Optimize the available energy for enhanced growth

  • Deepen the transformative effect

  • Respond to the change with greater consciousness and wisdom

  • Embrace the transformational process with greater commitment and grace

Once you are equipped with the knowledge, you can start working with cosmic energy by making conscious decisions. It empowers your path, putting you in charge of your choices and ultimately - of your destiny.

Natal Chart with Transits

A natal chart analysis with the overview of cycles and transits.

Cosmic Forecast

An analysis of current and upcoming transits, for returning clients only.

90 min  /   $200

60 min  /   $180


Astrology provides unparalleled access to understanding the nature of life's transitions, equipping you with conscious tools to navigate the tides.

Whether through love attraction, friendships or creative alliances, people coming into our lives often carry a mission to further our growth and support our evolution, even through challenging and difficult dynamics. They serve as mirrors to our soul, reflecting back the nature of our relationship with ourselves, exposing our deepest intimate layers, showing our true values, drawing the beauty of our hearts.

Child & Family

Children & Parenting 

Discover Your Child's Divine Blueprint

Astrology offers an extraordinary opportunity to gain understanding of your child's unique nature. It gives access to its personality, inner perceptions, innate gifts and talents, evolutionary lessons to learn, challenges to master, potential to tap into. It reveals the Divine blueprint of your child's soul, pointing at the journey it came to undertake in this lifetime. My job as an Astrological Counselor is to help parents uncover the distinct traits of their children in order to provide an optimal, clear channel of understanding between parent and child.

See the World Through Your Child's Eyes

The sessions will guide you through the emotional and psychological make-up of your child, its natural predispositions, innate skills and the ways to support them - all in order to create a safe container for the child to be who they are meant to be in a wholesome, supportive way. The readings offer the view "from within" - the way the child perceives the reality around him/her, opening for deeper understanding and harmony to occur in its environment. It enables you to see the world through your child's eyes - a prospective that encourages raising and guiding the child on its own terms, allowing for authentic nature and unique beauty of a young soul to blossom into its full expression.

The Session Will Assist You To:

  • Get insight into your child's unique essence

  • Understand inner dynamics, emotional and psychological structures, inherent perceptions of reality

  • Find creative ways to direct and cultivate child's natural talents

  • Work with potential areas of concern with greater awareness

  • Make informed decisions around appropriate schooling, activities, social environment

Your Child's Divine Blueprint

A discovery of your child’s gifts, talents, emotional make-up, psychological and spiritual orientation.

Family Dynamics 

An exploration of parent-child relationship and/or inner family dynamics.

60 min  /   $180

60 - 90 min  /   $250


We are entering a new paradigm of living and sharing together on this planet - an era of heart-centered, awaken model of relationships to ourselves and each other. Parenting and the way we raise and support our children is on the forefront of this shift - it is perhaps where most important work needs to be done, as these new children will be the ones to lead humanity to its
next level of evolution.


Astro-cartography / Relocation

An extensive research of your energetic connection with various places

on the planet; an indispensable tool for choosing a new location

or travelling destinations.

For a couple or family on the move, please contact me directly for the pricing.

2 locations – $200

3 locations – $250

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