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Life themes / Relationships / Family dynamics /
Child astrology / Ancestral imprints / Emotional body / Psychological patterns / Spiritual development
Travel and Relocation 

I can help you


I am honored to be in service of Life through the timeless,

infinite wisdom of cosmic guidance.

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Over 20 years ago, the burning quest to unlock

the mysteries behind human existence and the Universe itself has led me to Astrology, in particularly to Evolutionary Astrology.


Since then, my own spiritual expansion has resulted in the development of personalized style

of work --- a synthesis of astrological knowledge,

psychology, keen intuition and inherent empathy.




Evolutionary astrology places specific focus on the karmic nodal axis and the evolutionary path your soul has chosen to explore in a given lifetime. Your chart is viewed as a blueprint of the intention made on the soul level to incarnate in a particular moment in time and space for the necessary experiences and growth to occur.

Psycho-spiritual approach provides translation of cosmic signatures into a coherent accessible narrative unlocking psychological, emotional, spiritual codes behind the chart to elevate the awareness, heal the latent blockages, and liberate the inherent potential.



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